Follow the Rules if you want to find the right path….

My book Counterfeit Supergirl was written to help you change your life….but how does it work? The book is based on ten rules, all of which need to followed if you really want to get to where you want to be…..Follow the rules and you might just find yourself on the right path. Rule 4 Leaps forward can […]

Want to have your feet up by fifty?

I have been quite stressed recently about not being where I hoped to be in my career at this point in my life. A good friend recently said to me…your twenties are for having fun, your thirties are for getting yourself to where you want to be, your forties onwards are for reaping the benefits […]

How can a counterfeit supergirl become the real hero?

Self-motivation and change never ends. Just when you think you’ve managed to achieve everything you want, you realise that there is even more out there to go and grab. When I started to make a difference in my world I was spurred on by the need to leave my job and the superficial world in […]

The Counterfeit supergirl’s Rules

Three months ago I completed and published my first book Counterfeit Supergirl. The book was written to help people (and myself) make the necessary changes in our own lives to ensure that our worlds are complete. From writing the book I found that there are ten rules to live by if you want your own personal changes to be effective. Here’s number ten. If […]


My book Counterfeit Supergirl was written to help others and myself through this crazy and often difficult world which seems to offer us constant challenges. The book offers ideas on how to deal with changing your life, be it your career, your relationship, friendships or simply your own attitude. Although every situation is different I […]

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