Follow the Rules if you want to find the right path….

My book Counterfeit Supergirl was written to help you change your life….but how does it work? The book is based on ten rules, all of which need to followed if you really want to get to where you want to be…..Follow the rules and you might just find yourself on the right path.


Rule 4

Leaps forward can come in any size.

Although no one ever achieved anything great by playing it safe, your life is not just one big gamble and therefore there are certain times when you need to take smaller steps. All these changes are potentially huge for you and are taking you into unknown territory and therefore shouldn’t be entered into lightly. There will be times when you feel hugely confident about your choices and are therefore willing to take a huge leap of faith however crazy it may seem to others. However, there will be other times when it is best to air on the side of caution. Some situations really need to be thought through and if the risk seems too big don’t be scared or embarrassed to take baby steps. This is your life that we’re talking about, no one else’s and only you will know the correct sized leap to take.


If you want to know the other rules….all you need to do is buy the book!

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