Change your wardrobe…Change the economy!


So it turns out that job hunting is a lot harder than I remembered. Or the economy out there has changed. I was well aware that I had stopped shopping as much as I used to, I just didn’t realise that this was having a negative effect on the whole country. What used to be a simple task has suddenly become an incredibly unfriendly field. Contacts that used to be interested were suddenly nowhere to be found and it really go me thinking. It’s so easy to make quick decisions about your future but they can often be made without thinking about the long term affect these changes could have on your life and any later decisions you may need to make. In situations like this I realise that I need to be thick skinned and resilient.


There is nothing wrong with making a decision which needs to be changed and updated. But there is something wrong with wallowing in self-pity when mistakes are made. Appreciate them for what they are. A learning curve. An opportunity to realise what works and what doesn’t. Mistakes are what make us human and life is all about learning. We were put on this earth knowing nothing and every situation allows us to move forward with experience and food for thought. So at this age, with my experience and wisdom (cough cough) I remind myself, never give up, face your fears and believe that you can make it happen. But most importantly, since you never know when you will need a strong economy….always buy the shoes.



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