Want to have your feet up by fifty?


I have been quite stressed recently about not being where I hoped to be in my career at this point in my life. A good friend recently said to me…your twenties are for having fun, your thirties are for getting yourself to where you want to be, your forties onwards are for reaping the benefits of all the hard work you have done for the last ten years. (Twenty if you were sensible, but most of us probably weren’t.) Her clarity on the situation did help me to put things into perspective. I of course was feeling as though I was the only one who hadn’t managed to achieve everything that I set out to do by this point in my life.


But as always, talking it out with those around you really makes you realise that pretty much everyone is in the same boat as you, some just manage to hide their problems better or put on a braver face. But realistically we are all constantly striving for something more than what we already have.

Sometimes you do need to look around you at what others are doing to get advice and inspiration from them. Making decisions that will have a big impact on your life can be hard, daunting and stressful. But surely it’s better to keep moving rather than just standing still? No matter how long the journey takes, if you want to have your feet up by fifty, sometimes you just have to persevere.



One thought on “Want to have your feet up by fifty?

  1. That’s a good one: “the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work”. It’s too bad we can’t turn life upside down & enjoy our first 40 years when we’re young & full of spirit, then work the latter part of our lives when we’ve enjoyed the good life for decades. Oh, well.


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