How can a counterfeit supergirl become the real hero?


Self-motivation and change never ends. Just when you think you’ve managed to achieve everything you want, you realise that there is even more out there to go and grab. When I started to make a difference in my world I was spurred on by the need to leave my job and the superficial world in which I was living. Working in fashion may appear glamorous from the outside, but after years of climbing that ladder I was exhausted, and more than ready to jump off it. It had been fun, and while I was proud of everything I had achieved, I was desperate for a quieter and more tranquil life. Of course it was an idea I mulled over for years before I was brave enough to take my first steps, but leave I eventually did. I began retraining in massage and after months and years of learning to deal with being at the bottom again, I did eventually climb up, rung by rung.

With practice came experience, and with experience eventually came the confidence. Now your dreams and aspirations will of course be different to mine. But the point is you must always keep moving and building. The beginning plan is just that, a starting point. It is impossible to go from nothing to everything in one giant leap. Normally you need to break the plan down into bite size chunks. If you can feasibly see how you are going to achieve your wish, if it is manageable, you are far more likely to achieve it than fall short.


Now I was most definitely at the back of the queue when God was handing out patience, but one thing this process has really taught me, is not to rush. If you really want to succeed and be brilliant at something than trying to be a jack of all trades will not get you far. Never move on from the current part of your plan until you are totally convinced that you are ready. Perfect something, be amazing at it before you move onto the next step. Only this will set you apart from the rest.

People rush all too often in life, and this is where we make mistakes. Remember the race between the tortoise and the hare? That’s not to say you should be lazy and go at a snail’s pace, but taking things slowly gives you the time not only to enjoy the experience but also to take everything in and learn from it.


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