Baby Badgering


Ever feel like the world is badgering you to have a baby? While you may be lucky enough to be in a happy loving relationship with your very own gentleman, you still have the right to do things in your own time and in your own private way. Sometimes having your loved ones harp on in my ear about the perils of waiting too late can result in a GBH arrest.

It amazes me that people feel it’s acceptable to have that kind of conversation with you. Clearly I am aware that I have waited this late…otherwise I would already have kids in tow everywhere I went, and surely I would notice if they were missing! Therefore what exactly is the point of reminding me that I have waited? Do people think I have forgotten how old I am, or that I was never aware in the first place?


At a later age there are generally three reasons why you don’t have kids in tow. 1. You don’t want them….2. You can’t have them 3. You’re still waiting for someone half decent to have them with. But whichever category you fall in to, you can bet your bottom dollar that people asking you and pushing you for when you’re going to have them, will do nothing but piss you off. So for next few months I have a new plan. For every time someone asks me, I will respond back in the same manner, by asking them a deeply personal questions that will also make them want to punch me in the face. Sounds like a fair bargain.


5 thoughts on “Baby Badgering

  1. No need to get upset…but you can try not to find yourself in that space in the first place 🙂 don’t go where you will meet them baby ‘badgerers’…just smile..ask them to check with God to find answers…heck maybe you should pay them in their coin anyway..fair bargain..:D

    You have a great blog here..thanks for visiting mine ..I saw your footprints :)xx means a lot 🙂 thanks!


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