The Counterfeit supergirl’s Rules

rule book

Three months ago I completed and published my first book Counterfeit Supergirl. The book was written to help people (and myself) make the necessary changes in our own lives to ensure that our worlds are complete. From writing the book I found that there are ten rules to live by if you want your own personal changes to be effective. Here’s number ten. If you want to know more…buy the book

Never give up….

You deserve to have your dream. This is also something that you have always wanted, if you didn’t, why start down this road? But this is very easy to forget along the way. At the first hurdle, or the twentieth, never give up. Or you are no better than the people who never started out. That’s not to say you won’t come across difficult times, you will. But it is how you deal with them that count. Remind yourself why you started this, what was your motivation, and what is your ultimate goal? Everyone is allowed to falter but you are not allowed to fail. If you put enough work in along the way, and make enough changes, you are entitled to achieve the dream. This is your life, no one else’s…and what is life if you aren’t proud of It? Never give up….if life gets tough, breathe, reboot and maybe……just maybe… will get to places you never thought possible.


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