The Christmas Countdown…


Well Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…the wonderful day is nearly here and the countdown has now officially begun. Although it’s often less mistletoe and wine and more road traffic and family bickering. But that doesn’t have to stop us from getting excited. This is the one day of year when you really need to embrace your loved one and let bygones by bygones.


Let’s face it, family is one of the few bonds that can never be broken, because whether you like it or not, they know you, they understand you and they love you….It’s just sometimes it would be great if they could do all that from at least 30 miles away. But this holiday is here to remind us how blessed we are to have them around us. They will support and forgive you when no one else will and that’s something to cherish


The countdown is on…you have only 53 days to remember how lucky you are!


One thought on “The Christmas Countdown…

  1. I don’t have to wait 53 days…I KNOW how lucky I am now!!
    I have the best niece in the whole wide world!!!
    And the cutest great nephew who I’m in love with also!!
    How lucky can one woman get?!!!


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