My book Counterfeit Supergirl was written to help others and myself through this crazy and often difficult world which seems to offer us constant challenges. The book offers ideas on how to deal with changing your life, be it your career, your relationship, friendships or simply your own attitude. Although every situation is different I believe that there are ten key points you need to adhere to if you really want to make a difference….
Here’s number one…if you want to know the rest… will have to buy the book!

1. Adapt the plan
Sometimes the original ideas can’t work out exactly as planned. As time goes by you may realise that the exact plan is not feasible, or the idea of the ultimate dream may change slightly. No idea is set in stone so don’t be scared to adapt slightly as time goes by. Remember this is about what is right for you, so if that changes, just go with it. Open your eyes to the possibility that you didn’t know everything when you set out on this path. You learn as you go, and your growth comes from the journey. So as you change, the plan may to. Embrace this fact as no one ever became great by staying the same.


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