Ignore the thorns and start smelling the roses


Why do we let so much of life pass us by, just focusing on the negatives and ignoring all the positive things around us? You can have one hundred wonderful things happening to you at once, but rather than basking in the glory of happiness (which we should do) we fixate on that one tiny thing in our life that is just not quite right.

I see this in myself and those around my every day. We complain and we get upset about something, and ignore everything that we have achieved. Everything that we love. Everything that we are proud of. Instead what we need to start doing is focusing on the roses and ignoring the thorns. Often easier said than done, sometimes the hardest thing to do is reprogramme your thoughts and your behaviour away from the negative.

But I am no longer willing to let another day pass without appreciating all the great things in my life. If this means writing a list of everything wonderful as a reminder….do it! If it means looking back of photos of loved ones…do it! If it means remembering back to different times when you lived in the moment and worried of nothing….do it!

Do whatever it takes to remember and understand how lucky you are. Fixate on the good and move the bad to the back of your mind. Even better throw it out all together. Become the positive person you have always aspired to be.


One thought on “Ignore the thorns and start smelling the roses

  1. Very good advice as always. It’s crazy to focus on the negative when life is such a gift for us to enjoy! But then, I guess we’re all a little crazy!


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