Why venus and mars should always remain different planets

Let’s face it…men and women are different. And they should remain so. However, over recent years it seems that many people from both sexes are intent on understanding each other, breaking down the changes and even morphing into one another…


But why is this necessary? As the book tells us, men are from Mars and women are from Venus…we are a completely different species and will never really understand each other. So instead of fighting against this why don’t we just embrace the differences. Personally I enjoy shopping and talking about make up with my friends, but have no intention of starting to have these conversations with my partner. Nor do I wish to discuss the intricacies of formations and line ups with him.  And herein lies the first difference between men and women….


Football: It’s rare to find a woman who really enjoys watching eleven men in tight shorts on a football pitch for any other reason than they are eleven men in tight shorts. And yes, I did have to Google how many men in a football team? to write the above sentence. But I am proud of that fact. Ball control only interests me in one way, and it’s not football.

So rather than pretend to have the same interests why don’t we just be honest about what we really want to spend our time doing. Relationships and people in general would probably be a lot happier if we allow and enjoy the differences in the sexes rather than trying to dilute them.

Stop driving yourself crazy, we will never understand how men manage to hear nothing every time we ask them to do something, and they will never understand why we have to remember every innate detail of every conversation we ever had.

Sometimes all you can do is sit back and appreciate the men in tiny shorts


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