Does sex really sell?


Some time ago I set myself the challenge to change my life. As constant aspects no longer made me happy I knew that I  wanted to really turn my world upside down and make it something to be proud of. Easier said than done. While I knew the changes that I wanted to make (vaguely,) I had no idea how to really make them happen.

It took time, and it’s a work in progress. But while many of my hopes and dreams are still yet to be fulfilled I can happily say that I am a hell of a lot closer to them than I was before I started this journey.

But my proudest achievement of this year was getting my book Counterfeit Supergirl published and out there.


And the book is just that… to change your life. It’s filled with my life’s stories. Love, friends, fun and sex! But most importantly it’s full of ideas on how to set the wheels in motion. How to pick your plan, how to start your journey and how to change your behaviour so that your life, in turn, can also change.


So if you’re feeling a little lost and need some direction on how to actually live out your daydreams…just buy the book. And let’s see if SEX really does sell!


One thought on “Does sex really sell?

  1. Jenny, your book was one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time!! Can’t say that for many books! And lots of good, helpful advice. I highly recommend that people run, don’t walk, to buy it!! They’ll be happy they did! On Amazon for a very low price !!


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