The cards that life deals you

There are times in life when all your plans come to fruition and everything seems to be going your way. And then there are times  when claiming to be lost would be an understatement. In fact, up shit creek without a paddle would be a fairer description. At times like this, you can turn to those older and wiser than yourself for advice, calling on their wisdom and experience to guide you down the right path. Or you can do what I do. Visit a psychic.

psychic sisters

Now many with a calmer disposition may realise that this is probably nonsense.  But since an unclear picture of the future brings nothing but worry and discord with me, the best advice I can give myself is to find a way to bring the stress and instability to a minimum immediately. Now everyone will have a different way of how they deal with their own crazy. We all work in mysterious ways, and generally others may not understand our actions. If we’re honest, we probably don’t understand our own actions sometimes, but if something works for you, don’t knock it. Whether you invest in psychics or not, sometimes we all need a little affirmation. We need to be reminded that we are capable of more than we realise, that there is nothing wrong in setting yourself scary and challenging goals. But most importantly it is a reminder that if we don’t believe in ourselves than why would anyone else.

So with a lighter pocket but a clearer mind I am able to move forward. With my new lucky stone, can life ever go wrong again?


Now confident in the belief that I can make a difference to my own world, that my future looks bright and exciting.  Some people are stronger enough to just believe in themselves, the rest of us need a little help sometimes. But whatever your belief, and matter what you need to build you up…remember that it is you who changes your future. It is you who has to lay down the foundations for the life that you want and it is only you who can achieve your wildest hopes and dreams. With a little help from the cards.


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