A Bum Deal..

There are times throughout life where parts of your world may be put to the test. And the easiest question is always why me? But this really is nothing other than self-indulgent and won’t bring you any interesting or helpful answers. Your best option really is to try and find the positive in the situation and realise what you can learn from it. My test this week came in the form of the NHS and their four hour waiting period at A&E.


As fantastic as the nurses and doctors are…. the thought of sitting in a crowded waiting room with nothing to do other than inhale the alcohol fumes from the other “patients” and count down the minutes until I contracted Ebola really did nothing for me. But wait I must, as the gentleman had a potentially broken back and was screaming out in male agony. About two hours into our wait came the sweet offer to help him stick a suppository where the sun refuses to shine. Now here came my real test, and also my realisation that even true love does have it’s limits. You can be there for someone you love in every way they need. You can support and care for them and allow them to know that they can rely on you no matter what. Unless that what is a suppository.


Another two hours and an x-ray later we were thrown out with nothing but a few painkillers and the promise of more tests and reports in a couple of weeks. So with both of us scared and worried over what that future outcome may be, nothing made us feel better than knowing we had each other. When the world sends you either minor or major tests it makes you realise the reality of what’s important. The size of your house or how many cars are in your drive are irrelevant. They won’t look after you or love you. But the size of the circle around of you, of people who really care, they are what really matters.

So embrace these tests, overcome them and then laugh in their face! because if fear and panic don’t like it…..two guesses what they can shove up their arse!


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