It is very simple to start implementing processes to make changes to our lives. In general all you need is an end goal and a vague idea of how to get there. Bit by bit we can slowly see ourselves moving in the right direction with the odd hiccup here and there. But as the quest for Self Improvement and general evolvement continues so does the need to re-evaluate what it is you are trying to achieve. In general we all want the same things, to be happy, to be surrounded by people we adore and who in return hopefully adore us. However, how you get to this end goal is different for everyone (as our paths and journeys are never the same.) But for everyone the plan will need to be added to and adapted along the way.

My original changes started by way of my career. No longer satisfied with my choice, I realised that a healthy pay-check was not enough for my life. Money was no longer my main reason for enjoyment, my soul also needed to be nourished from time to time. I began by retraining in massage (my new path…..I realise not necessarily the chosen path for everyone) and today I added to that by pursuing my facial course.


Laying on a couch having cream after cream applied somehow seems preferential to jumping on the hot sweaty tube every morning. Tucked underneath the armpit of someone else who is also dreading their day. I actually have the opportunity to feel passionate about something again. To learn, to re- educate and most importantly to sit around all day with cucumbers on my face.


My new path may be slow and winding (changes are rarely straight forward) but it allows me to enjoy life again. To have the time to stop and breath…to actually appreciate what goes on around me throughout the day… and most importantly by not rushing through every day I am able to appreciate the journey. While we may all have an end destination in mind….what is the point is you hated every moment it took to get you there. So pick your change and embrace it. Just remember not to sprint to that finish line or you won’t have the time to realise if your race needs to be adapted, changed or just slowed down. Take a moment today to look around at your life, to appreciate everything that makes you feel good and to acknowledge all the things that need to change.

Only then can you set yourself on the right path and your real journey can begin.



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