Bring on the Flirt


I recently finished and published my first book (Counterfeit Supergirl) and this blog seems like the perfect platform to advertise some extracts from it. I’m always looking to hear people’s thoughts and opinions. As scary as it is to put yourself out there, it’s also the only way to learn and grow.

Do you ever despair over your life, over that fact that nothing seems to change? or certainly not fast enough for you. Do you ever look at other peoples lives and wonder how do they manage to be so together, successful and happy all the time? Then this book may well be for you, sometimes we get so overwhelmed by how many changes we need to make that we just don’t know where to start. This book allows you to break down each problem, bit by bit. But most importantly it allows us all to laugh at ourselves and realise that when it comes to life, we are all pretty clueless and no one has it all.


I never understand people who don’t know how to have a good chat with someone that they may possibly be attracted to. But I have seen it time and time again with my friends…. There really is no need to take it all so seriously. Let’s face it, the first time you meet someone it’s really just a quick intro. You don’t need to find out that much about them, and you certainly don’t need to give away that much about yourself. Just find a common subject, swap views, laugh and flutter those eyelashes. Remember the reality is you’re just meeting their representative, no one is going to tell you about their bad traits the first time you meet them, and you definitely don’t need to reveal yours. To be honest you might not even like their banter that much after a few minutes, so why are you putting your heart and soul into worrying about it?



3 thoughts on “Bring on the Flirt

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