From Help to Healthy


I’ve always been a huge advocate of health and fitness, not only in terms of looking after your body but also to ensure control over your mind. There is nothing easier in this world than to admit defeat, or to find excuse after excuse why you can’t do something. Ask yourself how many times in life have you quit something that could have potentially changed you life. And if you have had the courage and tenacity to continue…where would you be now? The biggest difference between people who succeed in life compared to those who fail is often not ability. But rather the belief in themselves that they can achieve anything, and maintaining an unshaken ability to push through the hard times and never give up.


The picture at the top of the page is me today, versus the picture above, taken 12 weeks ago. The picture at the bottom was taken one week ago, wearing a bikini (whilst feeling good) for the first time in a long time! While I accept that I was far from overweight I was not happy with my body or my fitness level. One important thing to remember when making changes is that everything is relative. Don’t ever get discouraged by comparing yourself to others. If the person making those changes started years before you, how can you already expect to be at the same level as them? You can only compete with yourself, so set yourself manageable goals that you know are achievable for you.

The first recommendation on my blog goes to A young Australian personal trainer who has used her years of experience to put together an easy to follow workout that not only makes keeping fit fun but also realistic. The short and speedy workouts allow you to easily fit them into your day and therefore the results really are obtainable. Together with a meal plan, which allows you a cheat day (there is a God) there really is no excuse why you can’t make this work. However fitness is like anything else in life, you will only achieve it if you really really want it. So just ask yourself, in a years time are you going to wish that you started today?



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