Little Miracles


There are so many times throughout life when the stresses and strains of the world seem to fall too heavily on your shoulders. You can often forget which path you are trying to travel down and even what your eventual goal is. You lose your way and wonder if you can make it. And then something amazing happens. A miracle, a star of happiness. Sent with one purpose. To remind you what life is really all about. To readjust your focus and to wake you up to the fact that, quite frankly, life is not all about you! That there is a bigger picture to this world,  and no matter what happens we shouldn’t forget why we are here. And I love these moments.

When we are making the necessary changes in our lives to achieve our personal goals, we can’t help but become a little selfish and caught up in ourselves. We become consumed with what we want and can have quite a blinkered view, often forgetting those around us. These wake up calls need to be savoured and remembered forever, because they don’t come around often enough. And if we don’t appreciate them now, when will we? In fifty years when it’s simply too late? when those around us no longer care?

My wake up call came in the form of my niece, my world, my everything.

Wake up now and appreciate everything and everyone that you have. Without them, you and your world wouldn’t exist.


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