Time moves on


I started this blog as the next step on from my published book Counterfeit Supergirl. I originally began writing the book not just to help others, but also as cathartic experience for myself. I had reached a crossroads in my life where I became acutely aware that the decisions I made over the next couple of years were really going to set the path for the rest of my life. I was fed up of daydreaming about the life I didn’t have and decided in terms of making a change it was now or never. I was no longer willing to look back at my life one day and wish I had made different choices. The main difference in my life is the ever present figure of the gentleman. Everyone needs and deserves to meet their soulmate and it’s only when you do that you truly start realising what life is all about. You no longer want to be the selfish person you were before, you actually want and wish to open your arms and embrace that person, flaws and all. The purpose of this blog is just for me to continue living my new life, the one that makes me happy but also to allow me to share these times, the ups the downs and the lessons learnt with all of you. So let’s start making the change and living the dream.


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